March 12, 2012: Finally a New Low Weight

Medifast Status: Day 314, Down ~77.5lbs (22.5lbs to go)

Had to get up this morning and drive in to my Medifast appointment.  I was pretty excited, though, as I was actually down when I weighed in at home this morning.  By the time that I got in to Medifast I was down even more and the scale was teetering on another half pound.  I am extremely close to my original Medifast target weight.  I could hit it any day if I can stay away from Dominica baking.  I cannot resist freshly baked cookies in the house.  It’s just not something that I can resist.  I don’t have that kind of willpower.  Boy does it feel good to finally be at a new low weight.

Today was supposed to be the first day of classes for the semester at RIT but I was unable to talk to the school to get anything worked out yet for this semester.  I tried to talk to my adviser last Friday but everyone was out.  So I called today and her schedule was full.  You would think that when they told me on Friday to call today that if being booked in advance was necessary that they might have mentioned that at the time.  So today I made an appointment for tomorrow.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to book a class for this semester.

Today the family went to the Dallas Children’s Aquarium in at Fair Park while I was at work.  Now that I have taught Dominica about how to use the DART rail system, she is addicted.  It is just way too convenient to get downtown not to do it.  They had a really good time today and I was able to get out of work at a decent time so drove to the Green Line at Royal, parked the car and rode downtown to join them for dinner.

I got off of the train at the West End and met everyone waiting for me on the platform.  Liesl was so excited to see me – screaming from all of the way down the platform and jumping around like crazy.  Apparently she had gotten really sad when another train had come and gone and she thought that I had forgotten to get off of the train.

We all walked around the West End for a bit trying to decide on where to eat. It is tough between our Medifast diets and being pescatarian and the girls being really picky eaters in really unpredictable ways.  We ended up settling on the Spaghetti Factory which was the only restaurant that Dominica and I have eaten at in the West End previously.  But now that we know how easy it is to get here we can easily come back anytime.

Dinner was pretty good and we had a nice ride back home on the train.

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