March 29, 2012: Return to La Cima

This afternoon I had a half hour meeting planning for the upcoming SpiceCorps Philadelphia event which I am helping to coordinate.  I used to help with that group quite some time ago but it has been dormant for a while so I am assisting in getting it fired up and running again.

After work I ran right home and we headed out to go to La Cima for six o’clock reservations.  We were nearly half an hour late, of course, but they are used to us.

This is our first time back to La Cima in nearly five months – our first return since we left to go to Brookhaven.  Since our last time there a lot has changed, most notably the management.

Everyone was excited to see us, mostly because of the girls.  They have both grown a lot since they were last at the club and Liesl was very excited to be back and to see everyone.  Dominica is very glad to be back too because she really misses the food there.

This is our first time seeing the new menu.  There was a new chef at La Cima who started just before we left so we never really got to experience the changes that he made before we had left so this gave us some new variety.  Overall the menu is really good but we did not feel that it was as good, or as varietal, as the older menu and there is now no regular whitefish on the menu so there is even less for Dominica to eat than there used to be.  So she will be struggling to eat at La Cima very often.  Sadly the amazing smoked gouda mac and cheese has been removed from the menu.  It is good because we should not eat it but it is bad because it was one of the best items on the menu.  I wonder if they could make it for us if we asked.

The new manager of La Cima came over to make sure that he greeted us while we were there.  He seems really nice.  I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do with the club.

Dominica got the lighter, Macadamia crust fish option and I went for the flash smoked salmon which was excellent.  The new salad selection is good as well.  We also split a crab cake appetizer, which we should not have, but splitting it isn’t too bad for us.

We had a nice evening.  We were very happy to learn that our ONE membership with Brookhaven just recently changed and we now no longer have one meal per month to use at either La Cima or at the Tower Club but instead have unlimited ONE privileges to use at either, anytime after five in the evening.  Obviously this is because both clubs are extremely busy for lunch and relatively slow for dinner.  It makes perfect sense – get the country club set out to the business clubs more often for fancy dinners.  We are definitely going to start using them both more.  Now that Dominica is comfortable getting to the Tower Club via rail we will go that much more.

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