March 30, 2011: New Camera for Our Vacation

It is Friday.  I got into the office on the late side.  It was a nice day in general.  I decided that in order to keep productive that I would skip coming home today and instead worked through my lunch break trying to catch up on things.  There is always just so much to do and commuting home during lunch means two more context switches, another hour in the car, money for all that fuel and half an hour of sitting at home not being able to do very much as it is such a short period of time.  So I stayed and got work done.

Today was not all that busy.  Not slow, just not super busy.  I mostly worked on getting my mailbox and ticket queues trimmed down, which overall, went well.

I am very excited because my new camera, the Nikon AW100, arrived today while I was at the office.  This is the camera that I bought specifically for our trip to Europe.  Dominica thought that I was crazy to need a new camera for the trip but once I explained why I needed it, she agreed that we really did need to get it.  This is a small, pocket sized point and shoot camera but rated as being excellent for image quality – according to some reviews it is supposed to rival my Nikon D90 for image quality!  It is a 16MP camera, which is more than we need but a nice feature and results in good low light performance which is very nice as I hate using a camera like this with a flash, it never looks good.  You need a good off-camera flash like I have for my D90 in order to get good flash photos.

I got home this evening and I played with the new camera for a little bit.  Not very long because as soon as the girls were awake and ready we went out to Brookhaven to get some dinner.  It’s not all that often that we manage to get out on a Friday night so that worked well.

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