May 3, 2012: T-Minus Six Days

Six days until we leave.  Now we are in the crunch.  Everything has to be ready.  This is a trip of epic proportions and considering how little traveling Dominica and I have ever done, this is really going to be a leap for us.  Since we started dating a decade ago, we have only taken our honeymoon and two long trips to Walt Disney World together that constitute anything resembling real vacations and those are nothing like this.  We’ve done trips to Europe, but they were nothing at all like this.  This is a new level of packing, preparation and “no turning back.”  Once we hit Wednesday morning next week, we are on autopilot.  Everything is planned to the minute at that point and everything has to go exactly to plan.

I am in the office today, one of my few full office days this week (or for the next two months, for that matter.)  I don’t think that I will have a full four days in the office until the first week in July!  How crazy is that?  I really cannot believe it.

I had to run out to UPS today to overnight checks up to dad so that he could cash them and get the money into the bank and available for us before we leave for Europe.  This is going to be one tight financial adventure.  While I was out I ran across the street and got some frozen yogurt.  It was quite warm out today in my car that has no air conditioning.

The temperature in New York and Europe is going to be a shock for our systems.

I have been putting in a bit of work attempting to build a storage server for Danielle.  I am trying to convert a SunFire V100, which is supposed to cap out at 137GB of drive capacity, into a half terabyte storage machine.  Because Solaris 11 does not support this old platform I have to try some alternative ideas.  I have been working to get FreeBSD 9.0 working but am running into some incredible hurtles.  I’ve considered Ubuntu, OpenBSD and NetBSD as well.  We will see what ends up being the best option in the end.

I am loving my new laptop.  I have barely had any time to get it set up yet so I am hoping that I will have time to get it all tweaked and tested out before it is too late.  I really like how portable it is and how it makes me easily able to use it while we are all sitting around in the play room.  My old laptop was too large and fragile for that.

After work I came home.  I was a little later than usual.  Dominica hadn’t decided what she wanted for dinner so I didn’t bring dinner home.  She decided that she was in the mood for Mexican (this never, ever happens) so we tried out Los Lupes which we have been seeing for a year and have not yet tried.

Dinner was quite good, we both did the tilapia fish tacos.  The restaurant was completely packed and they had a live piano player slash singer who was quite good.  It was a nice place but very small and very busy – hard for the girls as they could not get up and move around at all.  We really splurged on our diets tonight and tried the tres leches which we have never had before but have really been wanting to try.  It was awesome.  Liesl really liked it too.

The new mobile phone is supposed to arrive tomorrow morning.

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