May 6, 2012: T-Minus Three Days

Three days.  AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!

I got up early this morning and got right to work trying to get things done as quickly as possible.  I am completely overwhelmed with work and projects that must be done before we leave.  There is not nearly enough time in the day.  I have no idea how I am going to pull all of this off.

I locked myself in the office for much of the day.  The girls really wanted to hang out with me but I just don’t have the time for interruptions.  I sat down with Liesl and explained that I had to work really hard today and that I would go to work for three days but then, after that, we were going to go on vacation.  She got super excited and seems to understand.  We are trying to show her videos of where she will be going and doing and trying to make her understand as much as possible.  She seems to get it and can’t wait to leave on Wednesday to go see her grandparents in New York and then fly on to England.  I tried to teach her to say “jolly good show” as well.

Dominica went out to do some shopping today.  She has been buying My Little Ponies for Liesl to surprise her with on the trip.  Liesl is so into them now and has been asking for them all the time.  She got nearly all of them today and gave Liesl one of them, Apple Jack, early as Liesl was really anxious to get that one.  The rest will be a surprise to dole out while we are in Europe on the trains.

The day was exhausting.  By the evening I was really burned out.  I spent some time watching some shows with Dominica and the girls.  We caught up on the latest episode of Hot in Cleveland and Happily Divorced which are the only normal shows that we watch.  Then we watched some more of Travel with Kids.

Once Liesl went to bed I went to bed myself.  I’ll get up early-ish tomorrow and get more work done then.

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