May 5, 2012: T-Minus Four Days

Our last weekend before the trip.  Holy cow time has flown by.  We are suffering from vacationitis – we don’t want to do anything and mentally have already switched into vacation mode.  It is really hard to focus on anything but the trip.  So much to do before we go!

I am the on call for the office this weekend.  I got up this morning and tried to get as much work done as possible.  I worked really hard all day.  It was a very busy day.

I spent much of the day working on several servers, including a SunFire V100 that I am supposed to be delivering to Danielle when we drive up to New York.  We are delivering three laptops and the V100 on this trip.  That will reduce the “stuff” in our house but only by the tiniest bit.  I really wish that there was more for us to send.  I am so tired of the house being full of stuff.

I ran out to Redneck Heaven this afternoon and picked up shrimp salads for us for dinner.  That was my only real free time today.  We just have to push through until the trip.  There will be plenty of time to relax once we are gone.


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