July 1, 2012: Mass Effect 2 Day

I slept in pretty significantly this morning.  I guess that I really needed it.  If I remember correctly, I went to bed around eleven last night and slept easily until ten this morning!  The exhaustion is starting to catch up with me even if I don’t feel it.

I decided that I needed to just take a day off and so I set up in the play room and popped in Mass Effect 2 after checking in on my messages and stuff this morning and I played for much of the day.  Over the course of the day I ended up putting up aluminum foil over two more of the three windows in the play room.  That helped a lot with keeping it dark and, I hope, cool.  The air conditioning seems to be able to keep up with my needs when it is just me in the house.

It is a bit cooler today than it has been this past week, we actually dropped before one hundred today which was very nice.  Last year when the air conditioning was fighting so hard we had tons more people in the house – Dominica, our girls, Oreo, Francesca and her four kids were all in the house and in it around the clock and with at least one television, and often two, and one Playstation, and often two, and two or three computers running all of the time.  That generates an awful lot of heat all by itself.  People are huge heat generators.

This afternoon we actually got some rain, which I found surprising.  It was hot and bright all day and then, no warning, there was this roar and I looked out to see a short, but heavy rain storm.  That cooled things off pretty quickly.

I got a lot of time in on Mass Effect 2 today.  That was great.  I am something like fifteen hours or more in on the game and have completed large portions of it.  Enough that I am really into the story and engaged.  If Mass Effect 2 is as long as I believe that it is, that means that I am probably right around halfway through the game.

I am hoping that I will get a day to play it again on the Fourth of July since I am just going to be home alone since there is no one here in town and with a full day of playing again I might very well be able to complete it.

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