July 2, 2012: Nearly a Vacation Week

Today is my only day in the office for the early portion of this week.  The Fourth of July falls on a Wednesday so the holiday is actually being celebrated in the middle of the week which is a bit odd but it breaks up the week pretty well.  So tomorrow I am planning on working from home and Wednesday I have the day off completely.  I have several invitations of places to go on the Fourth, mostly from people in the office, but I think that a quiet day at home with Mass Effect 2 will be perfect for me.  I really want to finish up the game before Dominica and the girls get home.

At lunch time today I came home and just did work around the house.  Actually I spent most of the time on the phone with Dominica so managed to get very little actually done.

The afternoon was really slow.  With the holiday being mid-week I suspect that the entire week is going to be completely dead.

I came home and just spent the evening at home.  Got in some Mass Effect 2.  Went to bed early.

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