July 13, 2012: Sherlocks

I am starting to get used to the “early morning” shift at the office.  It’s not really early at all, just an hour earlier than I am used to going in.  I seem to always get moved to be the early guy and then something happens and my schedule goes back.  I am never sure why this happens.  Just some natural tendency I guess.  I need to work hard at being early all the time because, in reality, I prefer getting up early and getting in to the office and getting things done.  Makes me feel better about the day – and better for leaving earlier too.

Ronak and I went to Brookhaven for lunch today.  I am doing pretty well at taking advantage of Brookhaven for my meals.  Had the buffet today which was quite good.  Fridays are always the best day for having fish on the buffet.

Work was busy today and I did not manage to get out at a good time at all.  I ended up working till around seven.  I had hoped to make it to La Cima for happy hour and just have a snack there but I was at work so late that I didn’t make it to happy hour at all.  I had no plans this evening, though, so I went over anyway and hung out for a little bit.  Just long enough to get a salad and crab cake and enjoy a beer.

I came home planning on spending the evening just at the house but shortly after I got back Bryan texted me and asked if I wanted to hit Addison so I jumped at the chance to actually go out.

We ended up going to Sherlock’s which was actually pretty good.  Really crowded but this was first time really seeing a crowded place in Texas.  Everywhere I got is always so light that I wondered if anyone was going out anywhere at all.  There was a live band, Downtown Fever, who was pretty good.  They are a large band and do Top 40 covers which was pretty interesting.

Got home pretty late.  Probably around three.  Will be sleeping in tomorrow!

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