July 14, 2012: Staying Home Day

I got myself up at seven thirty this morning but decided that today was going to be a mostly relaxing day.  Dominica and the girls are going out to “the lake” today back in New York.  I think that Dominica will be working hard to stay covered this time as her back has started blistering and peeling from her sun exposure at Enchanted Forest last week when she forgot to have someone help her to apply suntan lotion to her back.  I saw some pictures and it is really bad.

I spent the day at home.  The whole day, didn’t leave the house once.  That was kind of nice.  I had to do a little work for the office today but not much.  Just some basic assistance with normal weekend maintenance.  There is always something silly.

I did some carpet cleaning, hoping to get the worst spots hit before Dominica and the girls arrive back.  Although they will be staying at the lake house just two weeks after they get back so even if I don’t get to everything now I have an opportunity to do more then as well.  I am really hoping that Francesca will be able to get the Rug Doctor back to us that week so that I can clean the entire house while none of us are here given it time to thoroughly dry without any foot traffic taking place.  I plan to stay out at the lake house with the family, at least most days, but will be in the office as usual (the lake house is close to home this year) so can easily run home during lunches to steam the carpets and then go back to work and let them dry for an entire day.

By early afternoon I fired up Mass Effect 3 and put in a solid afternoon and evening of it.  I made it through a ton of missions and feel like I am a very good chunk through the game.  It is really great, totally living up to the first two games.  When it first started and the game made such a story leap I was not sure how I was going to feel about it but so far BioWare has really done a good job of making the story grab hold like it did in the first two.  I had similar doubts about their previous title, Dragon Age 2, but it totally rallied by the end and was a great addition to the storyline.  BioWare have really become masters of RPG storytelling.  I sure hope that they continue bringing out titles like this one.

I talked to Dominica for a while tonight and the plans have changed again and it looks like the family will once again be coming back as planned rather than staying longer so hopefully I will be able to see my girls in not too long.  I have been really, really lonely and missing my daughters a lot.  This has been a hard couple of weeks for me.

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