July 17, 2012: Last Day Alone

The family left Frankfort at 4:05 in the morning Eastern Standard.  They are stopping tonight, or so they plan, and should be arriving back home tomorrow evening.  If they push through the night they could pull into the “drive” before I leave for work tomorrow.  But they are planning on crashing for the night along the route.  Normally that means central Tennessee.  I can’t wait until they get back here.  I’m really missing my kids.

I was in the office today.  I took Thursday as a work from home day and am in the office the rest of the week.  If they drive as planned they will be getting home right about the same time that I get out of work tomorrow.

This evening I did a mix of Mass Effect 3 and cleaning around the house to get ready for everyone.  The house is still a bit of a mess even though I have been working on it for the last several weeks.  I’ve really been struggling with staying motivated and I have been doing things like heavy duty carpet cleaning that actually makes it hard to do other things since the floors are wet and I have carpet equipment laying about.

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