July 16, 2012: New Article Posted on Hot Spares

I have a new article posted on SMB IT Journal talking about How Hot Spares Are No Longer Effective.  This one has really generated a lot of good interest, especially in the SpiceWorks community.  I had really thought of this one as a one-off article just to address an issue that I saw coming up a few times recently but it really took off.  I am really happy with the reception and it seems to have done a better job at conveying things that I have tried to convey in earlier articles which I was not intending to explain in this article.

I was in the office today.  Noting special.  For lunch I got to go to Red Lobster with Alt-N, makes of MDaemon, the email server.  We had a nice lunch.  It was nice to go to Red Lobster too, I have not been there is a long time.  Alt-N is a local software company over in Grapevine.  I had no idea that they were local.  They are going to be joining our SpiceCorps DFW group at our next meeting.

Speaking of which, I need to get the SpiceCorps DFW group scheduled.  So much to do.  I am hoping to have one together in August.

After work I just spent the evening at home.  I watched some of Pair of Kings on Netflix and then found that the third Transformers movie, Dark Side of the Moon, was available on Netflix so I watched that.  I shouldn’t have, it was awful.  Not even worth sitting through and it was really long too.  And Nimoy making references to his own quotes was just sad.

The family is in New York packing everything up today.  They are leaving in the morning to drive back to Texas.  I have not see them for several weeks now.  I can’t wait to see my girls.  So tomorrow I am going to be focused on cleaning the house as much as possible.

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