June 26, 2012: Back in the Office

I managed to get up this morning at a decent time, all things considered.  I showered, dressed and got into the office around ten or ten thirty.  I couldn’t find my badge so had to get a temporary one and get signed in.  That is going to be a pain.  We have so much luggage and stuff that returned from New York, it is going to take me forever to go through everything and figure out where that is.

I discovered this morning that not only is today my first day back in the office in Las Colinas but my friend Ronak, whom I used to work with when I was stationed on Wall Street, started at Las Colinas today as well.  So we got together and went to Brookhaven for lunch and did some catching up.  I haven’t been to Brookhaven for a while and haven’t seen Ronak in years.  We used to go out for coffee every day back in New York.

It was one hundred and six here in Texas today.  Too hot.  Hot and tired.  Ugh.  I got home and spent the evening doing cleaning around the house.  There is a lot to do and it is going to take me a while to get to all of it.

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