June 27, 2012: Target Shopping

I’m actually pretty surprised that it is already Wednesday.  The time is flying.  I guess driving down on Monday helps make the week to seem shorter than it is.

Lunch today was at Bombay Chopsticks near my Medifast office.  Lunch was actually really good.  Ronak had found this place and wanted to go there.  They do a creamy spicy tilapia there that was really excellent.  Sadly I won’t be able to eat much more of this as I will be back on my diet in a few days.  So good to enjoy it now.

After work I stopped at Target to pick up some supplies.  The house is pretty bare overall.  We cleaned nearly everything out before we left.  The fridge is nearly empty.  I didn’t get much but the big item was a Schwinn tow-behind bicycle trailer that can hold two children.  No we do not have bikes but we plan to and this was a really good deal.  We want to be able to go bicycling and take Liesl and Luciana with us and we think that they will have a lot of fun riding in a trailer.  Hopefully Luciana will be moving on to using electronic games sooner than later.  She is nearly at the age where Liesl started using the iPad and if they could entertain themselves in that way they might really like being in the trailer.  So we bought one.

While I was looking at the trailer I found a hiking backpack for cheap that I really liked.  I have been needing one for a while and got one a year ago that ended up not fitting me as expected and was useless.  This is a tiny backpack that is designed just to hold the essentials (wallet, phone, etc.) plus has a bladder for water so that I can take a decent amount of liquid with me to drink while I am walking which is always a big issue for me.  Often when I walk I lack pockets and if I get a drink I have to carry it in my hand which is anything but ideal.

I got home with the new supplies and started working on cleaning up the house.  There is a lot to be done.  I did not get very far, though, before I decided that I really wanted a way to listen to books while working around the house and there was a stereo unit at Target that had looked really interesting that hooks to the iPod via Bluetooth that would be perfect.  So I thought about it for a bit and back to Target I went to pick that up.

It was a slow evening for me.  Just catching up on stuff.  Watering plants, putting stuff away, setting up the Bluetooth stereo, etc.  It is going to take a bit for me to settle back in to life back home in Texas.

It is also going to be a very long two weeks until my family gets back down here.  I miss them already.

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