June 29, 2012: Peekskill Home Repairs

Well I made it through my first week of being home alone.  Today is Friday.  I went into the office as usual.

For lunch today Ronak and I went to Brookhaven again and got the lunch buffet.  I am trying really hard to utilize the club as much as possible while Dominica and the girls are away as it is just so cost effective.  When I eat here on my own it is barely over seven dollars for a full meal.  I am definitely not cooking at home for that price.

Monday I got back on to Medifast.  So this is the end of my food freedom.  Just today and this weekend.

Work was fine.  Got out at a pretty decent time.  Didn’t worry about leaving early at all since I would just be coming home to an empty house anyway.  So I worked until around six.  Then came home.

Before going home I ran up north to Centennial and did some restocking of the bar.  I finally found the Woodford Reserve Double Oak that Dominica and I have been wanting for a while.

Today we finally got someone out to give us an estimate on the broken door at the house in Peekskill.  What a challenge that has been.  But the glass is not cleaned up yet so we are still dealing with that.

The air conditioning at the house in Peekskill died yesterday too.  When it rains it pours.  So we have been in a crunch to figure out what to do about that.  Finally, after working on it all day, we managed to find a HVAC guy, get him out to the house, get an estimate, get money to him and have him grab an AC unit to replace our broken one minutes before the shop closed.  It was a near thing.  He could not figure out phone numbers or email addresses and we were unable to figure out how to get him money because of that.

It ended up being pretty late tonight but finally, around eight or nine tonight, the air came back on at the house and the tenants are happy again.  That made for a stressful week.

Of course, now we have to pay for four thousand dollars of home repairs.  Ugh. Not what we needed to deal with our first week back from six weeks in Europe.

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