June 28, 2012: Acadia Oil Change

This morning I called into the car dealer and managed to get an immediate slot for the Acadia.  Nothing bad, just a little overdue for its regular oil change which isn’t a big deal since the driving that it has been doing recently is really good driving (nothing short, just really long hauls across the country) but with the crazy Texas heat starting I don’t want it to go over at all now that I am down here.  They were able to get me right in but had no loaner vehicles for me.

Not a big deal, I took the laptop with me and signed in from the dealer and worked from there.  They have quite a decent workspace there plus free coffee, popcorn, etc.  Worked out just fine.

The car was all set by eleven thirty.  Too late to go into the office, that would be silly.  And I didn’t want to go home and then go right back out again for food.  So I just drove straight to Brookhaven and got myself some lunch from the buffet and was done in no time.  Back home for the lunch hour and then into the office in the afternoon.

I spent the evening at home just cleaning and getting stuff done around the house.  Nothing exciting. Some friends called up later on in the evening and wanted to hang out for a little bit so I stopped over and we had a drink or two.  Very low key but at least I got to see some people.

Very little news today.  Nothing really to report.  Just home alone and getting lonely.  We have been dealing with a broken glass sliding door at the house in Peekskill all week and that is still not resolved.  That is very stressful.  Really hoping to have that solved tomorrow.

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  1. Why on earth are you writing all this stuff? Who wants to read this?

    Today I woke up. It’s always nice when you wake up after a night of sleeping. I felt a bit grungy so I took a hot shower. The steam softened my beard, making it easier to shave. blah blah blah.

  2. Well… you read it. Why are you reading it? I’m writing it because you read it. I’m writing for you.

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