August 1, 2012: Mid Week Out on the Lake

How did August sneak up on us like this?  I had no idea August was lying in wait to bounce.  I was caught quite by surprise.

Today is my work from home day this week and I am spending it out at the lake with the family.  I got up early and took the HP Folio 13 out to the veranda and worked from there for the morning.  It was warm but not horrible.  I made it until around noon before it was just too warm to be able to stay out there.  Then I had to move inside to the air conditioning to be able to keep working.  The Folio was getting really hot trying to work out in the 100 degree or higher heat.

Today is scheduled to be the hottest day of the week with temperature hitting one hundred and nine degrees out on the lake and tomorrow as high as one hundred and fourteen up in Gainesville, Texas!

We had a good time out at the lake and I got to see my girls quite a lot.  I drove back home in the late evening leaving around ten at night so that it was nearly midnight when I got back to the house in Carrollton.  That was a long day.

Now I just have two days at home alone before the family returns on Saturday morning.  That is not so bad.  I can handle two days alone during the week.

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