July 31, 2012: Back to the Lake

Went to the office today. Nothing special there.  At lunch I ran home and did as much “taking care of the house” as I could so that I would not need to come back to the house after work.

After work, as soon as I could get out which was about five thirty, I got in the Chevy Spark (it is weird being an all GM family for the first time since I was a teenager) and headed out towards Canton, Texas and the lake house.  I got stuck in rush hour traffic, however, and the drive ended up being over two hours long even though I was coming from the office which is, in theory a few minutes closer to the lake house than our house in Carrollton is.

I got out to the lake house at a decent hour and got quite a while to hang out with Luciana before she went to bed.  Liesl was so busy playing with her cousins and going out on the boat that I really did not get to see her much at all.   Luciana and I hung out quite a bit, though.  It was too hot outside so we were inside most of the time and watching weird reality TV either where people buy junk or they trade junk.  Television sure is weird these days.

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