August 10, 2012: Ready for a Family Weekend

New article posted yesterday: Nearly As Good Is Not Better on SMB IT Journal.

Liesl woke us up by running into our bedroom yelling this morning.  She had to use the bathroom but the lights were off so she was in a panic.  It was before six o’clock so we were pretty tired.  Dominica didn’t get up but I decided to just stay up after making sure that Liesl was okay and getting her back to bed.

I worked, showered and then went into the office for eight thirty as I usually do – except I made it on time today, which I often do not.

I was quite busy getting posts in all morning.  For lunch I met up with Chris at Redneck Heaven for shrimp and salads and diet RC Colas.  That’s right, someone actually serves RC Cola still.

The office was really quite slow today.  But, of course, no getting home early.  Not crazy late, but not early.

Really looking forward to my first weekend home with the family.

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