August 9, 2012: Hot Summer Days

When I left work tonight I got out to the car and the thermometer on the car read 123 degrees in the office parking lot.  That is the highest that I have seen yet.  What is amazing is that I did not feel that hot at all on the walk out to the car and even getting into the car I felt comfortable and did not turn on the air conditioning but just put the windows down.  On the drive home the thermometer dropped to 109 but climbed again to 119.  I’ve never seen a temperature like that in fresh air.

We spent the evening at home.  Dominica cooked vegetarian sausage and peppers with some egg based bread stuff that was pretty good.

We watched some of Shake It Up from Disney Channel tonight.

At one point we all went into Liesl’s room and played in there for a while.  Luciana loves getting put up in Liesl’s new bed and playing up there.  Unfortunately we have to watch her all of the time when she is up there as she is wont to fall out if we don’t pay close attention.  She loves it and we can tell that she really wants to sleep up there.  Liesl wants her too as well.

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