July 27, 2012: Introducing the Chevy Spark

Busy day today.  I got up and went into the office this morning.  Was only there for a few hours before having to run up to Lewisville to pick up the new Chevy Spark.  We were there probably for an hour discussing the financials.  At first they were not going to give us more than $1,000 for the Mazda.  Dan, at work, told us that it wasn’t enough and that we should just walk away.  So we started too.  Suddenly our Mazda was worth $1,500.  So we made a deal.  Only financing this car for three years so it will actually be paid off months ahead of the Acadia.

Dominica and the girls ran down to join me since she needed to be there as the Mazda was in her name so she had to sign paperwork and stuff.  It was just after noon when we wrapped up and Dominica and the girls went home and I ran to Redneck Heaven where I had been scheduled to meet people to exchange some loaner gear but they couldn’t make it so Chris ended up joining me and we just had lunch.  He checked out the car and thought that it was pretty cool.

After lunch it was back to the office.  Everyone came out to check out the car.  It definitely catches peoples’ eyes as it is odd looking and very green.  You can’t miss it.  And it is tiny.  Very easy to park.

Dominica picked up her parents from Love Field this afternoon and they were all at the house when I got down with work.

This evening Dominica’s dad and I made a run up to the Centennial Liquor to grab supplies for the lake.

Tomorrow, around midday, we will be heading to Canton, Texas where we have a lake house for the week.

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