July 28, 2012: Out to the Lake House

Pretty much the family just hung out at the house this morning.  The Grices and the Houston Toccos hit the road early to drive up to the lake house but they are towing the boat so they are moving slowly and they have a much longer trip than we do so they had to leave way ahead of us to get there by mid-afternoon.

Dominica, the girls and her parents all left in the middle of the day.  I had a bit of work to do so I stayed behind and headed out to the lake mid-afternoon in the new Spark (Dominica drove everyone else in the Acadia) to take it on its first trip of more than a couple of miles.

I’ve been listening to the third book in the Mass Effect series.  This is the one that you are supposed to read between Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.  I read part of it before finishing the final game but not all of it.  I am about halfway through it at this point.

It took more than an hour and a half to get out to the lake house on Cedar Creek Lake.  Quite a drive.  We had originally thought that this was just going to be forty-five minutes away.  Whoops.  I will not be able to stay at the lake house and commute in and out.  So the plan is that I will be there this weekend and go back mid-week for a day as well.

It was early evening when I got out to the lake house.  The house is really nice this year.  Big, well laid out.

The funny story of the day is that the guy who rented the house before us, who left it this morning, apparently left behind two of his handguns in a closet and had to call the cleaning lady to ask her to get them and set them aside for him so that he could come back and pick them up.  Seriously?  He had so many weapons with him that he accidentally left two of the, and ammo, behind?  Who forgets two handguns?

Joe, Bennie and I made a run to the “package store” to pick up some Jim Beam tonight so that we could make bourbon and cokes.

It was really hot out tonight.  We were melting being outside.  We sat outside as much as we could but it was pretty rough.

Later on, Francesca, Madeline, Emily and I made a run to a popcorn store to get a huge amount of popcorn for the family.  All kinds of crazy flavours.  That was really popular.

Liesl had a great time hanging out with everyone and loves being at the lake.  Luciana was more inclined to stay inside but is really happy to have her cousins around.

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