August 13, 2012: Office Moving, Someday

I’m in the office today.  We are on the home stretch in our current office in Las Colinas before moving.  Rumour is that we will be moving (but only a few miles away towards the airport) to new offices there.  Not too surprising as these rumours have been flying around since even before we moved into our current offices.  We’ve been under a constant swirl of “moving” rumors for three full years now and we have not moved a single time in all that time.  In fact, at my current job where I have been for over six year and have moved approximately nine times, I have been at this one particular desk for not that much less than half of my entire time with the company.  So, that means that I am moving only about one sixth as often as I did when we were not constantly under “moving” rumours.  Weird, I know.  The more that we hear that we are going to move the less likely it is that it will actually happen.

This afternoon I had to run to the UPS store around the corner from the office to drop off the package of the Netgear ProSecure UTM 10 firewall and the Netgear ProSafe fifty-two port switch which need to ship up to Danielle in New York for her office renovations.  They have the office nearly done up there with the new walls, new desks, all new colour scheme, coffee station, Otis Spunkmeyer oven, under-desk rack for networking gear and now all they need is this networking gear so that we can get them up and running.  They are hosting SpiceCorps Upstate NY up there very soon and they want all of this in place before then so that everything will look all nice and neat.

After hitting the UPS store I went next door with Dan to Sweet Frog, the new frozen yoghurt place that has just opened up there, to see how it was.  It was okay but not as good as the place that Dominica and I normally use up on Frankford.

Got home this evening and all that we did was work on getting ready for SpiceCorps DFW which is being held at our house tomorrow.  There is so much work to do for that.  We were working on that a bit this past weekend as well.  We are currently looking at sixty RSVPs, which we will not get, but it does imply that we are going to get a very large number of people at our house and we need to be ready.  Should be a really good meeting tomorrow, I am excited (and a bit overwhelmed.)

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