August 17, 2012: Beers and Saudi Arabia

I was in the office again today.  It is going to be a crazy day as we learn more about the project that we might be on, continue building the team and sit around wondering if we are going to be heading down to Houston to go to the airport to head off to Saudi Arabia or not.  Far from a normal day.

Some of the guys from SpiceCorps met me at Redneck for lunch.  They brought back some phones that I had lent to them to demo.  I also got to hear the horror stories from their office.  They are no longer getting paid and the company is going under but hasn’t laid people off yet.  Not a good situation.  They are really stressed out.

We got a little more information on the project this afternoon, but not very much.  Information is trickling in but we really wont know anything solid until Monday.

After work I ran up to Plano with Chris and Andrew to meet up with Andrew’s friend Kara for beers at a specialty beer place up there.  We had a good time and hung out for a while. I spent quite a bit of time on the phone dealing with logistics for Saudi Arabia.  We have nearly a full team ready to go at this point.

After beers we drove back and went to Redneck for late night drinks before going home.  We are sitting waiting to head to Saudi Arabia at any moment, or not at all.  No idea what is going on.

Some of the guys on the team work with a datacenter in Dallas that is aware of there having been a major security breach over there and is wondering if we might be being sent over in conjunction with that issue.  Interesting, but it seems unlikely.

It is going to be a long weekend wondering what is going on.

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