August 16, 2012: One Day Dream Team

This morning I found out that there is a project going on in the middle east, no details yet, for which I need to assemble a team of eight generalists who, together, can handle just about anything that can be thrown at them, which is critical because no one knows what is going to be thrown at them.  And I have to do it today.  So this is fun.

I spent much of the day trying to figure out who might be available.  There was a lot of time spent standing outside in the blistering Texas heat talking on the phone.  What a sweaty day.

By mid-afternoon we had a team assembled with enough people committed or nearly committed that we were able to give a go-ahead to the project.  We don’t have any details and projects like this always fall apart, especially when all of the details are not readily available.  So we will see where this goes.  But it makes for an exciting day.

We will know a whole lot more tomorrow.  As for now, I really don’t know anything and it is going to be an interesting weekend, most likely.

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