August 23, 2012: Joint Upstate NY and DFW SpiceCorps

Today is the big day, we are doing a joint event between the Upstate NY SpiceCorps event which Danielle, Jeremy and Kasey are running and hosting at Danielle’s house and SpiceCorps DFW which is getting together at our house here in Carrollton.  AVer is sponsoring the event today and as they do video conferencing so it is perfect because both groups are able to watch each other on camera, and we have the projector and screen that we got last week for our local SpiceCorps event so we get to reuse that already.

I was home today to help out with getting ready for the event.  We aren’t expecting a big crowd, just like a dozen people for this “small” event.  We don’t have food being catered or anything.

Today’s event was on the very early side as the NY groups starts earlier than us normally plus there is an hour of time difference so we needed to be up and running by four thirty in the afternoon.  For the first while it was just Dominica, Chris and I on video as the NY event ramped up with Liesl and Luciana running around.

By the end of the evening we ended up with eleven people in DFW and about the same in NY.  The event went pretty well and the AVer did a good job.  I gave a presentation on “One Big RAID 10 – The New Standard for Server Storage.”  The talk went over pretty well.

It was a nice evening.  Relaxing, interesting presentations and not too much stress from having too many people.  We didn’t go crazy late tonight either, just until around eleven.

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