August 24, 2012: Week of Silence

Today is Friday and it is a pretty nice day out.  I’m looking forward to a relatively relaxing weekend at home.

We managed to go all week without any additional information on the project in Saudi Arabia.  For all of the panic that they put us through to get us ready to go they sure aren’t bothering to let us know anything.  I’ve had so many projects like this fifteen years ago, this is following the pattern of so many bad consulting gigs.  I’m losing faith quickly.

It was a more or less normal Friday.  At the office today.  We are getting pretty strong information that we are relocating to another facility a few miles away in a few weeks but we really don’t have very solid information.  I hear this stuff so often, I am not holding my breath.

Chris and I went out for lunch today.  It’s Friday so I almost never go home on Fridays.

This afternoon turned into a crazy one when we discovered that many of our servers were down including the phone system.  That was quite a rude afternoon awakening.  Now suddenly I have a lot of work to be doing this weekend.  Not going to spend much time worrying about it tonight but all weekend I am going to be working on the phones.

This evening, after the girls were asleep, Watson, Andrew and I went to Redneck for late night drinks.

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