August 27, 2012: At Least We Have Phones

Liesl woke me up this morning pounding on the bedroom door.  I awoke with a start and realized that the sun was up.  I lept from the bed and realized that I was already late for work as it was a few minutes after eight thirty.  I never wake up this late.  I ran into my office by the garage, logged in to the “office” and sent an email saying that I was working from home.  Didn’t really matter much, my boss was so busy that he didn’t even acknowledge that email until late afternoon.

I don’t normally work from home on a Monday or a Friday so it kind of felt like a three day weekend, which was nice.  I got  a bit done today including some catchup on SGL.

I was in the office pretty much all day, not much time to pop out and to see the family.

I am tired today after a very long and stressful weekend of getting PBXs working but, while I am worn out, I get the relief of knowing that the phone system is working and not hanging over my head today at all.  Better to be relieved and tired than well rested and stressed out.  At least in my book, most of the time.

Still absolutely no peep or hint of information about Saudi Arabia.  We are starting to get really suspicious about this at this point.  We are still keeping positive, but the chances that this is real are deteriorating rapidly.  I have a “go bag” sitting by the door so that if the call does come in that we can simply grab the bag and walk out the door.  If it goes through we will all have to get to Houston as quickly as possible and sit there, for up to a week, while visas are processed and the moment that they are we will be on a flight for Saudi Arabia.

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