August 26, 2012: Second Phone Day

After working on building a working 3CX PBX yesterday we finally came to the conclusion that there are technical limitations that for our somewhat uncommon and incumbent network infrastructure cannot be overcome so this morning the decision was made to revert to working on an Elastix-based Asterisk PBX instead.  The upside to Elastix is that I know it cold so this is way easier.

So my entire day, and thus my entire weekend, was spent building another PBX.  It took a bit of the day but I got it done and up and running without outside trunks in under an hour, that was easy.  Then a little bit of time to migrate stuff over from the old system and everything was working except for the trunks.

Due to some changes in how Elastix 2.3’s version of FreePBX handles trunks, there were some issues there and no documentation that I could find from the trunk provider or online would get the trunks up and working.  It took many hours before I got incoming calls working and outgoing, well that will just have to wait until some later date.

It was a long and exhausting weekend and I feel like I got zero time to relax.  But at least the phone system is up and working.  And the system is a brand new one, costs less and is easier to maintain than the old one.  So overall, it was a win.

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