September 19, 2012: Dominica’s Second Hospital Sitting Day

Today is Wednesday, I am home again today watching Liesl and Luciana while Dominica goes into Arlington to go to the hospital to stay with Casen while Ashley is at school.

Dominica was up and gone around six.  I slept in as long as I could.

Like yesterday it was great to be home with my girls but really hard to get anything done.  They were in my office continuously for one thing or another and Luciana just never stops begging me to come out, open the fridge and then she just stands there trying to convince you to give her one thing or another.  It is driving us crazy.  She doesn’t eat anything that you give to her out of the fridge, she just screams if you close the door.

I was quite exhausted when Dominica got back mid-afternoon.  She hit Target and did some shopping before coming back to the house.  We needed some supplies and were desperately low on all kinds of milk.  Luciana drinks the regular milk and Liesl drinks the chocolate milk.  Run out of either and we will have a mutiny on our hands.

It was a little after two when Dominica got back.  Like yesterday, it was too late and I was too tired to go back into the office.  So I just worked from home all day.

Dominica were thinking about going out tonight but ended up decided just to stay in and relax.  We have been really running ragged over the past few weeks.  Need some time to just relax.

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