September 3, 2012: C’mon Everybody It’s Labor Day

I have today off from work so I am home working on a Ruby on Rails project, the one that I was working on all day yesterday.  We slept in a little this morning but not too much as Liesl was up rather early on so I figured that it was not worth going back to bed.  Dominica got to sleep in a little longer than me but no more than half an hour, I would guess.

It is a hot day today.  Early September but still one hundred and four degrees outside.  That’s brutally hot for this late in the summer.

I am still soar today from my workout more than half a week ago.  This workout is going to kill me.  I guess that means that it is working.

Dominica was just horrible tired today and went back to bed to take a nap at the same time that Luciana did.  Luciana, however, did not sleep more than two or three hours.  Dominica kept sleeping long after Luciana was awake and running around the house.

Brian even came over to borrow a CPAP hose and she did not wake up.  He was here for at least twenty minutes.

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