September 4, 2012: Casen

Today is my “Monday” since yesterday was a holiday.  I love four day work weeks.  Five days is a bit long but four days you really don’t notice.  Amazing how that little twenty percent makes such a huge difference.

I was in the office today.  Our mini heat wave is continuing.  It is over one hundred today and we really feel it.  The house had a hard time staying cool today, it was that hot.  We made it most of the summer without that issue this year.

I came home at lunch today,  I had a phone conference that I needed to be on so I locked myself away in the back office for a while.  I’m feeling a bit buried with work this week, it seems to be a race to get everything done.

Back at the office this afternoon.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Came home a little on the early side, but only barely, and watching the kids so that Dominica could shower and then we were off to Brookhaven for Kids’ Night there.

Liesl and Luciana are both doing so well recently at going to the country club.   Liesl gets distracted with her colouring and doesn’t do much eating of her food but that is just Liesl and there is very little to be done about that.  But she is very well behaved and you really cannot ask for more from your three year old.  Luciana is getting used to restaurants and is now roughly the same age that Liesl was when we started going to La Cima, which seems absolutely impossible.  How could Liesl have been so little when we were first going there?

Dominica is very excited that the baja fish tacos are returning to the Brookhaven menu.  That means that she will have access to tilapia there all of the time again.  That is a big deal for her as she does not like salmon.

We got home and I tried to get some work done.  It was kind of a frustrating night.

We learned, via Facebook, that Ashley had to take Casen into the hospital tonight because he was having issues breathing.  Casen is her baby, just six months old.  We saw them out at the lake house just a few weeks ago.  Ashley babysits Liesl and Luciana once in a while.  They did a CT scan on Casen tonight and found a massive tumor in his little chest that was pushing his left lung out of the way.  So the family is in complete panic now.  They don’t really know anything at this point but the doctors are pretty sure, it seems, that it is cancer.  They were unable to see the oncologist tonight but Casen is going to have surgery tomorrow.

Nothing to do now but pray.  We should know something more in the morning.

Rachael, whom I have not heard from in months and have not seen since before Europe, texted me that she had lost her phone and had a new one and is apartment shopping in our area, maybe as soon as tomorrow, which is very cool.  She lives annoying far to the east of the city so we never get to see her (that and she loses her phones, apparently.)

Chris wanted to go out tonight so after Luciana went to bed (around eight thirty) and Liesl went to bed (a little after ten thirty) we went out for a drink.  Liesl and I are about halfway through reading The House at Pooh Corner, the second Winnie the Pooh story book.  I never realized just how confusing and hard to follow these stories are.  The Disney versions are far more coherent and make way more sense than the originals.  Liesl likes them though.  Partially, I think, because they are longer than what we used to read.  We are nearly done with these so we need to find something new to read soon.  I am thinking that maybe she is ready for The Wind in the Willows.

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