October 1, 2012: The Ralstons Arrive in Texas

Got up this morning and wasn’t feeling too hot.  I am assuming that I have the stomach bug that is going around and had better not go in to work as I will spread it everywhere.  I wasn’t feeling awful, just not up to par but I know what it is that I might have so best not to infect the entire office.

So I worked from home all day.  Everyone here is pretty much feeling better.

The Ralstons made great time coming down from New York.  They decided not to stay anywhere last night and just drove through the night.  So instead of arriving late tonight close to midnight they actually got in just after three this afternoon!

So we spent the afternoon and evening just hanging out.  I skipped ballroom tonight both because we were visiting and because I didn’t want to do a full night of dancing if I was carrying the stomach bug around with me, too much contact with other people if dancing.

So tonight, Michael, Art and I ran up to Hebron to the Waffle House to pick up dinner for everyone.  We ate and then everyone but me went to bed pretty early.  Luciana is sleeping in Liesl’s room.  Liesl is sleeping in our room.  Art and Danielle have Luciana’s room which doubles as the guest room with a full queen bed with memory foam mattress on it.  I stayed up for a while working before turning in.

I’ll be going into the office tomorrow.  I’ve been home for four straight days now.

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