September 11, 2012: Catalonian Freedom Day

Today is the anniversary of the terrorist attacks.  Eleven years, boy is that hard to believe.  That seems so much more recent.  Especially when you consider that they are still rebuilding in New York.  How can it take over a decade to rebuild there?  An entire generation of New Yorkers will have grown up with the region being called “Ground Zero” and it just being ongoing construction.  Freedom Tower is taking forever to build.

Today is also the day that Catalunia celebrates their nationality.  Normally on this day around fifty thousand people march in Barcelona for independence from Spain but today, for the first time ever, one and a half million people marched and all over the city the flag of independent Catalonia is flying.  A poll suggests that the average Catalonian is in favour of breaking from Spain and obtaining regional sovereignty within the EU.  As Barcelona is a place where we are very interested in living, this is major news for us that we are watching closely.  Very interesting indeed.

This evening, after work, we went to Brookhaven for kid’s night.  The girls are both getting really good at being quiet, staying at the table, etc.

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