September 13, 2012: Moving Day

I am really exhausted today.  I’ve been running on almost no sleep for two weeks or so and it is really catching up with me.

Well we are actually moving offices today.  I am always surprised when these days actually come because we always hear that we are going to be moving but it never really happens.  There have been at least four different “moving” rumours since we first moved to this office down here in Texas and none of them have come true.  This one sounded no different than the others, but now it is actually happening.  The movers have been outside in the hallway all week tearing down cubicles and hauling stuff away.

Today was a very busy day with lots of conference calls going on all day supporting fed financial announcements.  Today they are scheduled all through my lunch-ish periods so I was unable to go to lunch early or late, or at all.  I had to work straight through.

Originally I was going to be moving over with everyone else tonight to the new campus.  But they scheduled the move right during the busiest part of the day and it is going to disrupt support.  So while everyone else is being moved tonight, after the day is “over”, I am going over to the new campus right after “lunch” to work from there and make sure that everything is supported while everyone else goes offline.  So my day became a really long one with no lunch break and not getting to go home early with everyone else.

I worked through lunch and went over to the new campus mid-afternoon.  I got over there and found my desk right away.  But there is no computer there and no hotel computers anywhere so there is nowhere for me to work at all.  That doesn’t work so well.  So I was screwed.  I went and found my boss who was already over there and we chatted for a little bit, determined that there was no way for me to work from there but no reason for me not to be working from home so I went to the house just in time to do the evening deployments and worked from home.

Since I was covering people as the office went offline, I ended up working until seven in the evening.  A very long day indeed.  I am going to work from home tomorrow so that I am available to cover things while everyone is dealing with getting set up at their new desks in the morning and because I am just really tired and need a day at home.

This evening I went over to Redneck with Chris for a bit to work on some paperwork.

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