September 15, 2012: Moving to Linux Mint

Did work around the house all day and hung out with the girls.  This evening I went out to Fry’s and did some quick shopping.  My big item was an Intel SSD drive for my main desktop.  I am planning to move from Windows 7 Pro, which I have been using for about two years, to Linux Mint 13.  I’ve determined that I really do not need any Windows functionality day to day and that Windows 8 does not look promising at all so I am trying a Linux desktop again for the first time as my main desktop in what must be nearly a decade.  I am pretty excited to be giving this a try.  I’ve been using Linux Mint 13 with the Cinnamon desktop environment in a VirtualBox VM for about two weeks and that has been really good but giving up Windows entirely and going to Mint as my only real environment is a big step.

My old harddrive was a Corsair Force 60 SSD which was good but not amazing by any stretch.  60GB was way too small to be useful with Windows 7.  The new Intel is 120GB and the same price that the Corsair was not that long ago.  My hope is that the Intel SSD with vastly higher IOPS and throughput than the Corsair combined with Mint will breath new life into my “not all that new” HP dc5850 desktop.

On the way back from Fry’s where I bought the hard drive, which, coincidentally is practically next door to the new office, I stopped at Blu Ginger and picked up dinner for tonight and brought it back for us to eat in the play room while watching Melissa and Joey as a family.

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