September 16, 2012: Migrated to Mint

Spent the day with the family.  Just enjoyed being home this weekend.

Tonight I took my desktop all apart, cleaned it out and swapped the SSD drives around so that I could get Linux Mint installed on my desktop.  I am excited.

The install went well and really took hardly any time.  Linux Mint 13 went on without any problem and worked great.  All of the peripherals “just worked” and all I had to do was run the general system update to get everything “just perfect.”  I only had a couple pieces of software to modify to get working as I wanted them.  Really Pidgin for my IM is about the only thing that required setting up at all. Very impressive system and so responsive, I can’t believe how nice it is to use.  I am very happy already that I made the switch.  I can’t wait until I get used to using it and really efficient with Mint.  This is going to make my life a lot easier.

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