September 21, 2012: Oktoberfest Addison

Today is our last day with renters in our house in Peekskill.  If anyone wants to rent a house there, let me know super quickly because we are putting it up through the real estate office on Monday and it will be even more expensive at that point.

I am absolutely exhausted today.  I only got two hours of sleep last night and I hurts just to keep my eyes open today.  I feel like I could just keel over at any minute.

I’m in the office for my third day at the new facility.  I got stuck in a meeting over lunch but went later with Doue to get sandwiches at Potbelly.  I have not had a Potbelly sandwich in quite a long time, that is SO good.  I forget how good they are.

Work was, overall, pretty slow today which was really good since it was all that I could do to keep my eyes focused on the monitors.

Dominica discovered this afternoon that our garage door doesn’t close anymore.  The wheels have popped out of the track.  There is little doubt that this is caused by the unbelievable amount of foundation shift that has happened in the garage.  There is a two millimeter crack splitting the garage at this point with one side a little lower than the other.  We are really getting into a panic that our foundation is failing.

We ended up deciding that the cost was too high and that there was too little food, if any, for us to eat at Oktoberfest so we skipped it tonight and instead just took the kids to Waffle House for a nice, relaxing evening.  Other than that we just stayed in.  Chris came by later on in the evening to do some work on a brochure.

Dominica and I went to bed early, around eleven.  I’ve been running on almost no sleep for weeks and got nearly none at all last night so really need tonight to do some catchup.

I did not go to the gym today because Brookhaven didn’t bill us correctly and our account was suspended for the day.  Argh.  It is all set to be back on tomorrow.

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