September 20, 2012: Windows Ordered

Today is my first day back in the office this week.  With two days at home taking care of the girls it barely feels like a work week.  Except, of course, for the fact that I ended up working long day and the girls completely wore me out not giving me any amount of time to myself to relax or even to hear myself think.

I finally got two nights now of decent sleep and I am feeling a little better.  It has been a marathon of no sleep for weeks and I was getting really run down.

For lunch today I ate at Redneck.  I had been thinking about going to the gym but food won out in the end.

On the way home from work tonight I stopped off at Frys and picked up The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under on BluRay for Liesl as she is really enjoying Disney movies now and we want her to have good stuff to watch.  They were a double pack for just thirty dollars.

I got home this evening and we were into house cleaning mode.  We put on the first Rescuers movie for Liesl and got to work picking things up, vacuuming, etc. We had some friends over this evening for drinks and we got to host at our bar, one of our final times using our existing bar before Art completely overhauls it in two weeks.

Dominica ordered the new windows for the back wall today too.  We are replacing the three little slit windows with two large 48″ x 36″ sliding windows that will give us more light and a ton more air in the house.  These will be the only east facing windows that open in the house at all.

We can’t wait for the bar and atrium to be revamped.  What a difference that will make in our house.  So much more usable once that is done.

Our friend Rachael whom we’ve barely seen in months just got a new job today up near us and so is moving very soon to someplace just a few minutes away!  We are very excited as we don’t really have that many friends in Texas, especially outside of work, so having one of our close friends live about an hour away was rough.  Now she will be just minutes away.  Yay!

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