September 25, 2012: Tired Day, But More Dancing

I was pretty tired this morning so instead of going to the gym before going in to work I slept in instead and decided that I would go later.  Working out yesterday morning then dancing all evening and then going out to Plano used up my energy stores, apparently.

At lunch I went to the gym and did some strength training for my upper body.  Not a long workout as my time was more limited than usual.  But I am glad that at least I did something and am keeping up with the pattern of going to the gym.

This evening we went to Brookhaven for kids’ night.

After Luciana went to bed Dominica had me teach her the dances that we learned last night at ballroom class.  Liesl thought that that was great fun and tried to dance with us too.  That made it hard.  She was upset that she couldn’t learn to salsa and just wanted to do her own thing to the music, except in our way so that we kept tripping over her.

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