September 26, 2012: The Nexus 7 Arrives

Today is my work from home day.  I thought about getting up early this morning but I don’t have the benefit of the gym being en route to the office and I was still quite sore from yesterday’s workout so I just went back to bed and slept in as much as I could.

Dominica got up and headed out to Arlington to help sit with Casen today so I’m home most of the day alone with Liesl and Luciana.  Luciana was actually up first today with Liesl not long after.  Luciana was walking around the house with Liesl’s chocolate milk so we had to find where she hid it before Liesl could drink it.

The girls were very good today and Luciana actually decided that she wanted to go down for her nap very early at ten thirty.  Normally it is more like one in the afternoon that she decides that she is ready for a nap.  Very odd.  She ended up sleeping for almost five hours!  That was handy because it was during my busy work hours and until Dominica got home.  Liesl spent most of the day quietly playing around the house.  She is mostly self entertaining.

Dominica got home around two or three.  Shortly thereafter Liesl ended up putting herself to bed and taking a nap for a few hours too.

Around four thirty the Google Nexus 7 Android tablet that I ordered over the weekend arrived.  This is my first Android device other than Dominica’s phones (which were horrible.)  I have high hopes for this device.  It was very cost effective and from what little bit I got to see it tonight, looks really nice.  It is a quad core processor (more cores that even my desktop) with a twelve core GPU.  This is Google’s first tablet and it is manufactured by Asus.  I got the less expensive 8GB model.  The screen is great and from what little bit I have seen I am liking the seven inch screen form factor, very easy to hold in one hand and carry around.  I need to find a good case for it yet.

As soon as the Nexus arrived we ran out the door to do flooring shopping at Lumber Liquidators down in old town Carrollton.  We had tried going there yesterday but they closed before I could get there from work.  That seems a bad decision, closing before people with jobs can get there but being open while people without jobs can easily stop by.  We found a few options that we liked and one that Dominica really likes.  It is not nearly as cheap as we had been hoping, but nothing really seems to be.

After looking at the floors we drove up to Frankford to get frozen yogurt for the family.  Then we went to Home Depot just to make sure that they did not have any flooring deals that we were overlooking.  They did not.  So we went back home.

We watched the movie Mean Girls 2 tonight, which was pretty weak and made no sense.  Luciana went to bed pretty much right as we started and Liesl went to bed towards the end of the movie.  Dominica and I turned in shortly after Liesl, as soon as the movie was over.

Liesl and I are just about all of the way through reading the first Winnie the Pooh book for the second time.  She loves those stories.  In case she is reading this many years later and trying to remember, the first Pooh story book is the orange book, the green one is “House on Pooh Corner.”  The other two are the poetry collections (pink and blue.)


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