September 28, 2012: The Flu Begins

I got up nice and early this morning at three and worked from the home office for several hours before going in to the gym at five thirty to work out.  I got in a nice workout and before I left the gym at eight to go to the office I checked my iPhone and had a message from Dominica telling me to be on the alert as she had woken up, didn’t feel all that well and that I might need to come home if she wasn’t feeling better later on in the morning.  I knew that going to work would be dangerous because I would get there, be busy, have to go home and that would cause problems.  So I just ran home before work started so that I wouldn’t have to deal with all of the extra driving.

On the way back home I stopped at the Donut place at the corner of Belt Line and Webb Chapel and picked up donut holes for Liesl and Luciana and apple fritters for Dominica and I and headed back to the house.

It was a good thing that I just went home.  By the time that I got home Dominica was really sick and within a few hours Luciana was too.  This was Dominica’s first time actually being sick, I mean “really” sick since 1999!  And this was Luciana’s first real stomach bug too.  Oh the joys of being the healthy one while everyone is very sick.  What a day.  Liesl, thankfully, did really well.

This evening, once all of the girls were asleep, Watson and I went out to Malarkey’s Tavern to talk about work and so that he could show off his new iPhone 5 with LTE, which was pretty cool.  We weren’t out super late and the tavern is close to home.  Need plenty of sleep to make sure that I don’t get sick too.

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