September 27, 2012: Dancing in Arlington

Got up just after five this morning and was out the door by just after five thirty to head to Brookhaven for my morning workout.  I’m loving this pattern of going to the gym early in the morning before going to the office.  Makes me far more awake and alert all day and makes me feel better and it doesn’t really impact my schedule in any significant way since I shower and get dressed for work at the club rather than at home and the club is on the way to work so I waste hardly any time or mileage at all.

I did about seventy minutes on cardio today.  Good workout.  I hit the hot tub for a bit afterwards to relax the muscles.

For lunch today, Dan and I went to Redneck.  Tomorrow I am going home during lunch so that Dominica can go to the gym while I watch the girls.  Tonight she and I are going out for dance lessons in Arlington.

After work I got home and the babysitter was already there and everyone was ready to go.  Chris got there a few minutes after me and the three of us jumped into the Spark and headed off for the Brickhouse in Arlington for an evening of salsa.

We had a really good time dancing tonight too.  It was still too hot for me.  I need to come up with some way to stay cool while dancing.  I just sweat way too much.  We got really good feedback on our dancing tonight and our instructors are really happy with us.  We had a lot of fun too.  It was great getting to dance with each other.  We are looking forward to doing this all of the time.

We got home around eleven.  We’ve been tired and we didn’t want to keep our babysitter out late – she has to be to work early tomorrow morning.  Liesl and Luciana both had fun.  Liesl especially likes the change of pace of a babysitter.

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