November 11, 2012: Aida

Luciana has several new words today and her first sentence.  She said “episode”, “cheese” and “close the door.”

Most of our morning was spent getting ready to head out to the opera.  It is a busy day for sure.  The opera is an “all day” kind of thing, not like a movie that you just run out to go to.

Kayla came over to watch the girls at just after noon.  The opera was scheduled to start at 2PM but it takes a while to get downtown and get to the Winspear Opera House before the show begins.  So at twelve thirty we drove the Spark down the street to the Trinity Mills Station and caught the Green Line heading downtown.  I am really loving that we are starting to take advantage of the trains here in town, it makes living in Carrollton make so much more sense and be so much cooler.

The ride downtown was fine.  It is a little chilly today and there is a light rain.  We got downtown to the Arts District stop and walked the few blocks to the opera house.  Boy the train is perfect for going to the symphony and the opera or other concerts in the Arts District.  Just so easy and so much cheaper than trying to park downtown.  It is only $7 for the two of us to go downtown, round trip.

We got to the opera house and thankfully I remembered the tickets for a change.  I’m very bad about that.  We got there just in time to head up to the Grand Balcony and take our seats.  Our seats were definitely “nosebleed” but they were central and all of the seats there are pretty good. These were very close to where Rachael and I had seats back in April.

Aida was really good.  Three and a half hours, but very good.  Dominica really enjoyed it and it was her first ever opera.  This was, I believe, my fourth having seen La Nozze in high school with Jenny Alexander, probably around junior year, at Eastman in Rochester.  Then I saw an opera somewhere around 1999 in Ithaca put on by Ithaca College.  Then the opera in April in Dallas and Aida today.  Those are the only four that I can think of at this point.

After the opera we walked back to the train station but the train pulled away just as we arrived.  Since the trains run every twenty minutes we decided to use the time to just walk down to West End Station, three stations away, rather than just sitting still and getting no exercise.  It takes no more time but at least we get a nice walk this way.

We got back to the car and stopped at a brand new Indian Diner on Trinity Mills called Eat Street Kabob Factory which turned out to be awesome.  The food was really amazing.  We will definitely be going back there a lot.  Excellent Indian food right around the corner from the house.  This is a huge win for living in Carrollton.

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