November 12, 2012: Veteran’s Day

Today is a holiday so I am home from work even though it is a Monday.  I have a ton of backlogged work that really needs my attention so today was one of those days where I moved into the office at the back of the house and camped out for the entire day.  The girls would make regular trips in to visit with me, but it was mostly like I was stuck at the office.  Not all that exciting.  I did get just tons and tons of stuff accomplished today, though.  Very productive, so I feel good about it.

At seven I ran down to Las Colinas for my Monday night dancing lessons at the Studios at Las Colinas.  This evening it was almost entirely people that I have not seen before.  That was very surprising.  None of the regulars, except for Chris and Kim, were there at all.  This is the first time that I have gone to a lesson and had almost everyone be new, other than the very first time.  I learned the basics of the jitterbug, also known as the east coast swing, tonight.  Dominica learned how to jitterbug one evening that she attended lessons that I could not be there so hopefully we will be able to try jitterbugging together soon, now.

I left dancing a little early, knowing that I had tons of work to do and hoping to make it home in time to put Liesl to bed, but Dominica had just put her to bed when I left the studios so I did not get to read her her stories or tuck her in tonight.

This evening I was up until around three in the morning working on test assessments that I am writing for four certifications.  I am working on Linux, UNIX, Windows 2012 and Red Hat Linux 6 exams currently.  I enjoy the work and am extremely thankful to have it but boy does it make me busy.

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