November 16, 2012: Off to Houston for Thanksgiving

Went into the office today.  It is Friday and a busy one fitting between the election, storm and the Thanksgiving holiday.  So we are packed with deployments today.  I spent the entire morning rushing from one deployment to another as quickly as I could coordinate them.  That was exhausting but it does cause the day to fly by quickly.

It was nearly one when Dan and I made our regular Friday run up to Lewisville for lunch.  We didn’t have much time today, just too much going on but we didn’t want to sit around the office all day unnecessarily either.

After work, which ran pretty late because of a huge load of deployments, I rushed home as best as I could loaded the kids into the Acadia and we were off for Houston.  We thought that we were going to make great time being on the road before seven but almost immediately hit really heavy traffic and it took more than two hours just to cross Dallas!

It was nearly midnight when we pulled into the Grices’.  Straight off to bed for us.  The drive went fine, it just lasted forever.

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