November 15, 2012: Car Logistics

Today is my work from home day for the week.  This was a bit of a pain since the Spark was down at the office because Dan had to take it back to work yesterday and he still had my keys.  So after getting up this morning we had to orchestrate getting down to the office to pick up the car and bring it back home.

So I started off the day working for a bit then once Dominica and the kids were ready we went down to deal with the car.  Dominica ended up taking the Acadia in to have the tired filled and the inspection done before getting it back home. She was home about the same time that I was, though, as I stayed at work for a little bit plus dealt with the air in the Spark’s tired too.  Getting the cars and getting them back to the house was a multi-hour exercise so there was a ton of wasted time this morning.  That wasn’t fun.

I spent the rest of the day working from home but was very busy so we barricaded in my office for the bulk of the day.

This evening I hung out with the family for a little bit.  Tonight is our salsa class in Arlington.  No luck on a babysitter tonight so we had to choose who would go.  I wanted Dominica to go because she has not been out dancing in a while but she made me go even though I wanted the evening at home.

So I drove out to Arlington and danced for a few hours.  I spent most of the evening teaching as we had a number of new people and I have a lot more experience than most anyone else that was there tonight.  I am teaching more and more often.

I came home in time to help put Liesl to bed.  I rushed home so that I would get there before she fell asleep.  Our bed time routine is our favourite part of the day.

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