November 18, 2012: Returning from Houston

Got up this morning and pretty much just got the cars packed and ready to head back up to Dallas.  Dominica, Francesca and I had a New England breakfast of the leftover pies and deviled eggs this morning.  That was awesome but a ready bad idea.  At least the food won’t go to waste!

I drove the Acadia with Emily, Liesl and Luciana up to Dallas.  The drive went well.  We hit some really bad traffic on the south side of Houston but overall, it was good.  Heavy traffic but nothing awful.  We listened to a bit of music in the car and bopped along.  Liesl had her new Midnight Moon My Little Pony with her in the back seat and was very happy about that.

Dominica and Francesca beat us back to Dallas even though they left after us.  We have no idea how they did that.   We made good time and were all back before three.  Not too shabby.  Plenty of time to still relax and enjoy the day.

The kids had a ton of fun ripping the house apart.  Madeline, of course, just hid in the back room reading.  Emily and I went out to Walmart to do some shopping.  We got screws and zip ties with the intent of installing a small television to the underside of Liesl’s bed so that we can hook up the Nintendo Wii under there as we don’t use it anywhere else and we think that she will really enjoy having it there as she is starting to be able to play video games pretty well now and we want to get her access to games like her Dora game, Super Mario Kart and the Super Mario Bros. games.

We picked up some Indian take away from Eat St. Kabob Factory and brought it back for everyone.  It turned out to be too spicy for Francesca, though, so I ended up getting some even though I had intended to skip eating tonight.  Oh well, at least I totally love Eat St.’s food.  It is so good.

I went into my office and worked from there most of the evening.  Got tons of stuff done including catching up on emails and a lot of SGL updates and Spiceworks stuff that I have been getting behind on all weekend since I never got on a computer at all the entire weekend other than checking the iPhone for updates.

Clara ended up getting sick this evening and throwing up several times.  That came as a complete surprise.  We thought that everyone was healthy.  We were not aware of any of the kids having even been exposed to anything let alone having caught something.  No good. Clara has been sick every time that we have seen her for almost six months now.  So the fear is, of course, that everyone is going to be sick all week now.

After everyone went to bed, which was crazy early with no one but Liesl still awake by a quarter after ten, I grabbed the laptop, tablet, phone and headed out the door to set up and work from Redneck for the evening.  They know me well enough that requesting a table with a power outlet and just hanging out and working isn’t a problem at all, especially on a Sunday evening when hardly anyone is there.  It is like being at Cheers.  I was expecting Chris would come out tonight but I never heard from him.  Dan is in Tennessee all week.

Grey was online so we got some work done too.  I ended up working till a quarter after two but getting a lot done.  So much, in fact, that for the first time since Europe I am actually caught up on SGL.  It is a miracle!

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