November 19, 2012: Dominica and I Get to Dance Together

Got up at seven and got ready for work but ended up working from home for several hours before heading in.  Today is a great day because, for the first time in what seems like forever, I am writing SGL “as it happens” rather than attempting to recreate events from memory, my calendar and FourSquare records.

I got into the office around ten thirty.  Slowish morning.  The office is rather empty with many people out for the holiday.  Spiceworks is slow too, not much going on there.

Danielle is at the doctors this morning because of ulcers in her eye.  She thought that she was going to be going in for surgery sometime in the next few weeks but now it appears that the surgery is at least a year away.

Worked with Dominica on her resume this morning.  It is horribly out of date (although I am pretty sure that this is because a more recent copy of her resume has disappeared and that we are working from an older one – it is missing a lot of stuff that she has done over the last five years.)

I am purging myself today of the curry that I had for dinner last night.  Evil, evil curry.  But so yummy.  So no food today.  For lunch I decided that I would go for a walk up to the corner to get something to drink rather than staying at my desk or driving somewhere.  Might as well get some exercise.  The walk is about thirty minutes round trip.  Not much exercise but a little something to help in the middle of the day.  It is just a little too warm, still, to go for a walk outside without getting unnecessarily warm.

Dominica and Francesca took the kids to the Gaylord in Grapevine today to check out the ice sculpture exhibit that they have there.  They decided to try that this year rather than trying to do the Polar Express which was a big disappointment last year after having been mildly fun the year before (when I danced on stage and won the daddy dance off.)  Not sure if the event has gone downhill or if it just isn’t the same without me dancing.

I forgot to mention in previous posts but our renters in New York have found work and we are going to be getting full rent again starting in January.  What a huge relief that is!  We have really been worrying about that for a while.

I had some work to do for Previsor today but I made good progress on that.  This week is turning into a massively busy one all of a sudden.  I have a Linux and MediaWiki installation to do tomorrow, Dominica has an interview, we have to work on an email migration for John and I have to work on an application migration during Thanksgiving proper.  What a week!  I am hopeful that I can turn out an article or two as well plus I’m keeping myself busy keeping SGL updated.

Dominica said that the ice sculptures were not a good venture with the kids.  They were unable to keep them warm enough so Liesl and Garrett were quite unhappy.  Liesl said, “I do not like cold! I am not having fun.”  And they were unable to use a stroller so Luciana was not happy either.  After getting done with that they went out to Denny’s for lunch.

I worked until about a quarter till five.  There were a lot of deployments this evening but overall not too much work, just deployments.  I did those and rushed on home getting home at just about five thirty.

Chris came over about fifteen or twenty minutes after I got home so that we could do a little work.  We worked for about an hour and then he, Dominica and I all headed down to Las Colinas to go ballroom dancing for the evening.

Chris ran into Shea at the Studios at Las Colinas.  That was incredibly random.  She was at a modeling job in one part of the studios and they ran into each other in the parking lot or something.  Pretty weird.  She came over after her modeling to see us dance for a bit and we found out that she is not at Redneck anymore.  Such a bizarre coincidence running into her, for the first time ever away from Redneck, right as she wasn’t there anymore and a few cities away from there.  Just bizarre.

Dancing went well tonight.  Dominica and I left just a slight bit early so that we could get home and work on a MediaWiki installation that I wanted her to run through.  On the way home we stopped off at Subway at Josey Ranch and grabbed subs for us and for Madeline for dinner.  We brought the food home, ate and got to work doing the MediaWiki install which took no time at all.  I also managed to go in and tuck in Liesl who was in bed but was still awake and ready her a story from one of her story books so that she could go to bed happy.

Then she was off to bed at eleven.  I stayed up working just a tiny but after that but was off to bed before midnight.

For the first time in a very long time, I am actually wrapping up an SGL post for the day in question as I am wrapping up the day itself.  A very good feeling.

I will be in the office tomorrow.  I think that everyone is planning on staying around the house as they are all pretty worn out from their ice cave adventures today.  After work tomorrow we are all headed to Brookhaven for Kids’ Night dinner there.

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