November 3, 2012: Family Weekend

After a week of being apart a bit much, this weekend is a “spend the whole weekend together as a family” weekend.  Dominica was feeling just totally exhausted last night so we let her sleep in this morning.  Liesl got me up at seven, as she does, but at least she hopped into bed and snuggled for a little bit before demanding to have her chocolate milk and movie.

Liesl, Luciana and I hung out together until after ten when Dominica finally got out of bed.  Hopefully she appreciates how much “sleeping in” I let her do.  Considering that I have to be up earlier than her four days of the week and at the same time as her the other day it can be a bit exhausting also being the one to get up early on the weekends too.  My mornings rarely extend past eight and often not past seven.

Mostly today was a family day.  I did a little work but we spent a lot of time just hanging out as a family.  Dominica left for a while this afternoon to go do some shopping and I stayed home with the girls.


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